Peace of Mind. 

Quality, professionally managed childcare makes Mums Squad special.

You leave instructions, get feedback and develop relationships with nannies you know so you feel free to concentrate on getting fit.

If your baby or toddler needs you, you'll be called from the session but with our nannies it just doesn't happen very often.


Childcare Ratios

Babies and Toddlers are cared for separately, with 1 nanny for every 5 children, though the ratio is often much better than that.

Systems & Policies

Pram cards record your instructions with nanny feedback on the back. We do working with children checks and have a full range of childcare policies.

Click here to read all our childcare policies


Wet Weather Plans

Every session has under cover options so your baby or toddler stays out of the rain. Better still, so do you. Check the timetable notes for details.