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Post-Natal Fitness

Start anytime from 6 weeks.

Get fit under expert guidance. 

Enjoy time to yourself and gets results.


Post-Natal Fitness

Start anytime from 6 weeks.

Get fit under expert guidance. 

Enjoy time to yourself and gets results.

Lose Baby weight and Get Toned!

Expert trainers, running great outdoor fitness sessions at Clontarf and Balmoral, with the flexible programming you need to lose weight and tone up, or get fitter than ever, to reach your fitness goals after having children.

You can start any time after your 6 week check-up as long as you feel ready to go within yourself.

You'll improve core strength, get stronger, tone up, lose baby-weight, increase your cardio capacity and boost your metabolism.

We ask you to train at least twice a week and set easier, effective and safer exercise alternatives at the beginning. If you miss a session you can make it up.

As you get fitter we increase the challenge using weights, super circuits, boxing, running and medicine balls. 

Mums Squad offers variety with enough repetition to see  improvement as you get fit, have fun and make friends.

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What's Next

Boost your fitness,
Keep training when you return to work,  
or start Saturday sessions with your partner.

What's Next

Boost your fitness,
Keep training when you return to work,  
or start Saturday sessions with your partner.

Developing your Fitness

You can train with Mums Squad as long as it suits you. Make-up any sessions you miss. The results are inspirational.

With childcare for babies and toddlers you can build your fitness as your family grows. Train through a second or third pregnancy and make your come back each time, better for the fitness you've achieved.

But what if you go back to work or develop new goals... or just want to change it up?

Building a Program to fit your life

Our Elite Events Programs building fitness breakthroughs and preparing you for challenges like the Mothers Day Classic, the City2Surf, Tough Mudder and the 3 Points Challenge.

But if one of our Elite Events Programs don't suit you there is always a way to stay fit with Mums Squad and it's parent program Fit4Dreams.

You can stay fit or reach for more by clicking on the links below:

You can mix and match your program to suit your life but we always recommend you check with your trainer before you make a move from Mums Squad to attend Fit4Dreams, Whole Family Fitness or Elite Sessions to make sure you're ready.

Click here to Go to the Mums Squad Joining Page

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Elite Events

Real and tangible goals
Driving your fitness breakthrough

Elite Events

Real and tangible goals
Driving your fitness breakthrough


Our Elite Events Program is about giving you a real and tangible goal to drive your results. It’s exciting and intense outdoor fitness training where you are treated and train like an athlete for the following events.

Check out the events we do. Follow the links for event dates and our program start dates and prices.


Training includes an extra 90 minute to 2 hour session each week.

More intense, the focus is on your performance. There's extra training and your "Library of Success' Training Diary."

Everyone who completes our Elite Events programs enjoys a fantastic rate of improvement.

It's a real commitment but commitment but the rewards are priceless. 


FAQ- Fitness

Mums Squad Post Natal Fitness

Answers and Information

FAQ- Fitness

Mums Squad Post Natal Fitness

Answers and Information

Fitness Questions

How soon can I start Mums Squad's fitness sessions?

Any time after your 6 week check up. 

This trailer gives a great sense of Mums Squad is like. Our Mums get fit and have fun. We hope you do to!

How long is a session?

Mums Squad sessions go for one hour.

What do I need to bring to your sessions?

Please bring a towel or a yoga mat. A water bottle and wear sun screen.

What level of fitness do you need at Mums Squad?

There are no prerequisite fitness levels for training at Mums Squad. Our specialty is helping mums get fit after having a baby. So our programs work when you're starting out and then when you get fitter. Start from scratch or much fitter. Most important is to make a start.

Our trainers have become expert at setting different levels in each session so the fittest girls get the challenge they need while new mums have more rest and time with their trainer to get the care, attention and guidance they need.

That way, we build your fitness from exactly where you are. If you are patient and consistent you'll quickly enjoy the same fitness results you see in the other mums.

How quickly will I see results?

You'll start with the satisfaction of doing something positive for yourself and feeling good about that from day one. It's so important when you've got a new baby at home, not getting enough sleep or just feeling like you can't find time for you.

Physically, as long as you're training at least twice a week, you'll start to feel much fitter, stronger and headed for your best in three weeks. 

You'll improve core strength, get stronger, tone up, increase your cardio capacity and boost your metabolism and lose weight if you support your efforts with good eating habits.

Can I get help with my nutrition?

We have a nutritionist on staff and run healthy eating programs that are tailored to you. Click through for more details.

What do you do in a session?

Arrive for your outdoor session, drop your baby, toddler or children with our team of nannies so you can get fit with our expert traniers.

Workouts start at your pace with core strengthening body-weight exercises progressing through to jogging, boxing, weights and exercise circuits.

We'll set easier, more effective and safer exercise alternatives for you at the beginning.  As you get fitter we increase the challenge using weights, super circuits, boxing, running and medicine balls . 

You'll get lots of variety with just enough repetition for you to see your improvement as you get fit, have fun and make friends at Mums Squad.

Can I Start With A Free Mums Squad Session?

Sure, just bring a friend with you to your first session and you both get a free session as a referral reward. Show them this 40 second YouTube video so they can see what Mums Squad is like. Bring more than one friend with you and you can all start with a free week (2 Sessions)

How Many Times A Week Should I Train?

We ask all new mums to train at least twice a week. You can add extra sessions to build your results.

What If I Want More?

You can increase the number of sessions you do each week at any time.

Also, join our Elite Events program in running and swimming, Personal Training, Fit4Dreams Group Training or Whole Family Fitness Sessions.

What If It Rains?

We rarely cancel. Check our wet weather plans by clicking on your session in the Timetable.

How many mums in a group?

We aim for 12 as a maximum. The average is 8.

What are the groups like at Mums Squad?

Everyone in the group is a mum. Many started from exactly where you are now. So there is a great level of support and understanding. A sense of team builds quickly as people share the positive feelings that flow from getting fit together. it's a great environment to build friendships.

What if I miss a session? How do Make-Ups Work?

No problem. You can make it up. Come to any of our 6am Fit4Dreams Group Sessions or Saturday Group Sessions without childcare and get all your training done.

If you want a fully flexible Mums Squad program with the option of coming to any group session, including Mums Squad, with the same childcare booked for the session you missed, then you can add that flexibility to your program at $9 per week.

You can do make-ups before or after you miss sessions so you can get ready for holidays or catch up after them.

What’s The Commitment For Your Program?

13 weeks or three months training twice a week. You need to come to all your sessions or make-up any sessions you miss.

What Happens After My First 3 Months?

We assume you'll keep going but you can stop on your 3 months or 13 weeks end date with an email. If you don't send a note we assume you'll keep training.

If I Keep Going After My First 3 Months, How Do I Stop?

Ongoing clients give one month's to complete their training.

How Much Does Mums Squad Cost?

  • 3 sessions a wk with 1 child and Mums Squad make-us is $121.

  • 2 sessions a wk with 1 child and Mums Squad make-us is $85.80.

  • 1 session a wk with 1 child and Mums Squad make-us is $49.50.*

Extra children are charged at $9.90 per child per session. Mums Squad make-ups are $9.90 per week.

* You need to have an established and consistent training program to train just once a week, otherwise Mums Squad doesn't work. That's why we set two as the minimum.

What if I don't like Mums Squad?

We do not charge you for any training or childcare in your first week unless you want to continue with our program.

Once I go ahead how long am I committed to Mums Squad?

Your initial commitment will be for 13 weeks.

After that you become an ongoing client unless you tell us you want to stop at the end of your 13 weeks. If you become an ongoing client we ask you for a month's notice when you tell us you'd like to stop.

What if I get pregnant during my program?

You can keep training and get all the benefits that go with it. But if you prefer or need to stop training you can put your program on hold straight away.

What if I go back to work and need to train earlier?

Fit4Dreams is the company that started Mums Squad and all the Fit4Dreams programs are available to you either on their own or by mixing them with Fit4Dreams Sessions. You should always be able to find an option that suits. It is recommended that you have completed 4-6 weeks of Mums Squad sessions before you attend Fit4Dreams group sessions.

All our sessions are listed in the timetable but here's a list of what's available:

Click here to go to our joining page.