We are launching new sessions for new mums on Tuesday October 6 and Thursday October 8.

It's a great chance to start your return to fitness with other mums who are also starting out at the same time.

These sessions will be part of a 6 week program. If you miss a session you can make it up at any of our other sessions and the sessions will start with a week's trial and there will be no fees unless you are delighted with the program and want to continue. Better still, if you invite a friend to start training with you and you begin together you will both start with a free weeks training!

Our website has full details of Mums Squad but you can read below for a quick guide to how Mums Squad works and the commitments involved:

Mums Squad workouts start at your pace walking through body-weight exercises progressing through to jogging, boxing, weights, exercise circuits with resistance bands or medicine balls. Everyone you train with is a mum who has made to make a return to fitness after having children so a team feeling builds quickly during our hour long sessions.

You can make-up any sessions you miss to get all the training you need to get fit, have fun and make friends.

To get the most from Mums Squad you need to be happy with: 

  • the training;

  • the childcare for your baby, toddler or both; and

  • being able to fit Mums Squad into your life.

We'll call you after the first two sessions to make sure you are pleased and want to go ahead.


All our fees are set out at mumsquad.com and our most common program is 2 sessions per week with childcare for one and the ability to re-book any sessions you miss with childcare for $78 per week and all our Mums Squad fees are collected via direct debit.

Forms to Complete when you’re ready to go.

Please click here and follow the links form our website to complete our online exercise screening and childcare form.

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