At Mums Squad you get fit, have fun and make friends. Right now we have a group of really fit mums who've been training consistently for years. They are really impressive.

Of course when you are starting out after having a baby all these fit mums can be intimidating. That level of fitness can seem so far away. I've even heard people say "Oh you have to be fit to join Mums Squad."

That is just not true. All of our Mums started Mums Squad after having their babies, feeling exactly like any new mum might feel: like they needed to rebuild their fitness and confidence in themselves without any time to do it.

But this is true: Mums at Mums Squad get fit when they come to all their sessions. We have an incredibly flexible system that makes the fitness you want possible even though kids and babies can defeat even the best laid fitness plans. Better still, we build great teams of Mums with similar goals and challenges. Having fun and making friends is easy.

When it comes to Mums fitness the intimidation factor is a tricky one. We want all our Mums to become fitter. That is the whole point of Mums Squad and we take it seriously. At the same time you want to feel like Mums Squad is for you from your very first session.

So thats why we are making this special Mothers Day Offer. We are recruiting new mums who want to be fit. Mums who want to enjoy an hour to concentrate on themselves without having to take turns minding other mums kids in a group that has been training thousands of Mums for well over a decade.

If that sounds like you and you want to start training before June 13, 2018 you can claim the following special Mothers Day offer when you begin training in our new Mums class at 8.15am on a Monday and Friday at Balmoral or in our Regular 9.30am Sessions at Tuesday and Thursday at Freshwater:

  1. One weeks free training;
  2. If you have a child younger than 1 year old you can have free childcare for a month.... for all your children; and
  3. If you bring a friend to your first session, they can have this offer as well and you will get an extra free week of training.

To take up the offer hit the "Book Your Place" button, check all our regular prices and then select "Click Here to Start Training" then pick "Start Training" on our booking form.

Any questions?