We've tried Free offers + Facebook Advertising specialists to LAUNCH NEW MUMS SQUAD TEAMS @ Balmoral and not really found the next generation of Mums Squadders to train on FRIDAYS + 1 OTHER DAY.

So we're going back to where it started 14 years ago, and thousands of Mums, with this question:

Would you like to get your body back after having a baby or make your body even better while we mind your baby or toddler?

When I read the original post out at Mums Squad, one of our greatest Mums Squadders said it about way more than just getting your body back.

Catherine said, "What about spending time on yourself for an hour with a great group of girls, experienced trainers and superb nannies to look after you? What about joining in on a session where you feel part of a team? What about doing something that gave you a better sense of well-being both physically and mentally that you can't beat? When you've just had a baby talking about getting your body back can seem so far away, but feeling better in yourself and about yourself is the best thing"

Well we're launching Fridays at Balmoral as a NEW MUMS SESSION, and that is exactly what's on offer and this is what it will take for us to make it happen:

  • 14 MUMS who are new Mums Squad, ready to train on a Friday at 8.15am or 9.30am at Balmoral AND add another Mums Squad session to their program.(http://www.mumsquad.com/times)

If you take this on, you will need to be:

  1. Prepared to try Mums Squad for at least 2 sessions in one week to make sure you are happy with the childcare, the trainers and the idea of fitting 26 sessions into your life over three months (13 weeks).

  2. Patient and consistent, coming to 2 sessions per week over three months to get the fitness you want.

  3. Prepared to make up any sessions you miss to get what you want, remembering that the more consistent you are the less patient you need to be.

There is NO FREE offer to get you started but I PROMISE you will get fit, have fun and make friends at Mums Squad if you come to all your sessions.

FEES for 2 sessions with childcare at both sessions and full make-up flexibility for both Mum and 1xbaby/toddler at each session is $85.80 per week.

The initial commitment is for 13 weeks or $1,115.40. We prefer to collect the fees each week by direct debit. If you are happy to catch up sessions at 6am or 7.15am on a Saturday you can reduce the fees to $75.90 per week saving $128.70. You will need trainer approval to do that and sometimes it takes a few weeks of Mums Squad to go to Saturday Bootcamp sessions for make-ups. They are different to Mums Squad.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you come to Mums Squad for a week, don't like it and don't want to continue we will ask you to accept your first weeks training with our compliments.

BOOK YOUR SPOT: We've built an awesome outdoor fitness structure at Mums Squad. It's great to be part of it. Commitment is the key to it all. But we make it easy with childcare you can trust, trainers who care and a program that is headed for 2 decades of success. We'll aim to start the Friday Sessions on 22 March.

If you want to make a difference to your fitness, you can book your place at: