Congratulation to 3 Points Challenge Competitors

Congratulations to all. Such a great day. Really proud of everyone. Take a look at the slide show of Certificates. Click on your name to download yours! Don't forget to see if your friends and family would like to acknowledge your efforts by contributing to Nth Curl Curl Surf Club's fund raising efforts.




3 Points Challenge Results & Starlight Sponsorship


The 3 Points Challenge this Saturday is a great race. So tough and exciting. Our team has worked really hard. George Kerswell, Glenn Rawlins and Tom Doyle have lost ten kilos or more, the centimetres have dropped form the hips and waists. Arms and thighs have got leaner on the girls and bigger on the boys. Couldn't have asked for better

Alya Cassidy lost 7cm from her waist, Justin Hooleys arms grew by a massive 10%. Natasha Parkers hips trimmed down by 4cm. But that's not all at the very best level people's 12 minute swim test improved by two and a half laps. That's right if Tom Doyle raced himself 2 and a bit months ago he would lap himself and still win by half a lap.

Most of the Guys are racing on Saturday and they need your support. It will be a warm day so get to the beach the cheer them on.... And if you can't be there, jump on board our fundraising efforts by Sponsoring the Fit4Dreams and Mums Squad Teams as part of the North Curl Curl Surf Clubs effort to raise money for the Starlight Make a wish foundation.



Celebrating Results & Reaching Out: iPhone Cinematographers

Last year my brother did the filming for the video you see above and he was so moved that he has lost more than fifteen kilos himself in the past 12 months to get himself ready for the race. 

Filming the action is a tough job so I'm putting the request out there for 5 supporters to film each area. The Start is already taken by Keiran Callaghan in support of Jenny-Sue. We've got 4 Zones to go:

  • The Dunes between North and South Curl Curl to get the Cross Country running on the first and last legs
  • South Curl Curl to get the run up the beach and the second swim
  • The Cliff area between South Curl Curl and Freshwater to get the run to Freshy from South Curly and the run home
  • The Freshwater Swim and Transition to get the Third and Final Swim

I've attached the filming tips and guidelines so you know where you have to go and the shots you need to get to make it all come together and look great. I've been assured it's a little OTT but it's not even a page per zone, we've included pictures so you know what you're after and if your follow the instructions five minutes of footage will mean we get all we need and then you can let all your creativity burst forth.

If you can do it please let me know. We'd just love it and so will everyone. We'll also be making the footage available to North Curl Curl Surf Club to help with their promotional efforts for next year.

Click here to take a look at the Video Guidelines



Christmas Party Details and Invitation

Less than a month to go until Christmas. Unbelievable. Take a look at the action from the Christams Party Last year... and book in this year on the 22nd of December. First thing 7am!

That's right we have a great Christmas Party at 7am on the last Saturday before Christmas. All your partners are invited and the date is 22nd of December. 

You can play games or do a workout and then everyone comes together for "The Gauntlet".... What's that you ask? Don't worry it's a surprise to remember and people speak it for the year to come.

Obviously when you have:

  • 50 children playing and waiting for Santa;
  • 6-8 small teams of adults playing games; and
  • Another 12 people doing a separate workout,

it's imperative that you know exactly who is doing what. So please get on board with: