Fitness training is great fun, gets you feeling great and makes you healthier... but if you want to be in the best shape of your like, upto 80% of your results will depend on your diet.

If you have not got your eating plan right for you and the fitness work you're doing you don't know what you need to be eating.

Our healthy eating packages support all your efforts to help you get better value out of every single second of exercise!

There are two ways to go about it: Eductation and Full Service Support


It is worth over $350 but if you are a Fit4Dreams or Mums Squad Client it is available to you as a part of your program for just $300 and includes:

  • Two private consultations after one of your sessions or at a time to suit;
  • Creating an eating plan for you to follow;
  • A food diary review if required; and 
  • Your body measurements to benchmark your improvements.

Email to book you consultation


The Gourmet Dinner Service has long been providing top quality gourmet meals for people and families alike but when it comes to fitness and getting full value from all your efforts we partnered with their Dietlicious Service.

You can order nutritionally balanced and organised eating plans with three beautiful meals and two snacks delivered for the whole week.

It is a perfect solution for busy people and a great answer to the questions:  

  • What should I be eating to get in shape? and
  • How much food is enough? 

You'll answer these questions in the best way, by doing exactly the right things.

To get your $30 discount code on your first order please email or for more information check out Dietlicious.

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