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Mums Fitness Experts

Rebuild fundamentals

Creating fitness breakthroughs


Mums Fitness Experts

Rebuild fundamentals

Creating fitness breakthroughs

Post-Natal Fitness Experts

Mums Squad trainers have trained thousands of women on their comeback to fitness after having children.

Their training and qualifications are first rate but the thing that sets them apart is their level of commitment to you and your success. Our trainers get to know you and organise the group sessions so that you get a high level of personal care.

It means you start at your level and build your fitness from there. All our trainers are either Mums or Dads. Most started off their careers as Mums Squad clients, loved the difference they made for themselves and wanted to share it with others.

Regular “Train the Trainer” sessions mean we discuss your fitness, the best way to get results and work together to improve our teaching ability and knowledge base all the time so that our sessions keep improving.

David McIlwaine, Mums Squad Creator

Cert III & IV Personal Trainer, Pre & Post Natal Exercise Prescription Qualified, Senior First Aid


Trained as a lawyer and television journalist, David spent a lot of time looking for the thing he was meant to do. With reality television breaking around the world he decided to document the story of an overweight and dissatisfied person who had his first ever boxing match at the age of 31. David thought the story would make him famous. He never expected that it would change his life.

Back to basics, he loved being fit again and part of something special. When he was finished he decided to share it with others. You can read the story published in Inside Sport in an article called fightclub.

When that adventure was over David’s decided to share what he had learned with others and his approach to training people delivered the same fantastic results he experienced himself. As thoughts turned to family the idea for Mums Squad was sown: “Imagine if Mums could receive the same level of professional care, attention and commitment as they make their comeback to fitness after having a baby.” he thought.

David became inspired by the difference that could make. Mums Squad has now trained over 5000 people and David has had a hand in training lots of them. Many clients have progressed through the business to become inspiring trainers. It’s an excellent story that has put a smile on lots of faces. 

Julie Nantel

Cert III & IV Personal Trainer, Ski Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Pre & Post Natal Exercise Prescription Qualified, Senior First Aid.


As her first baby got older she wanted to work more and began training at Mums Squad. Straight away Julie brought added understanding of a woman’s body, Pilates expertise and years of high level sporting achievement to share with our mums. 

Her level of knowledge is excellent and the burn level she can achieve in the bums and thighs is breath-taking.

Always on time and organised Julie’s sessions have a great level of variety. She is devoted to providing an excellent workout for her groups and there is often a waiting list for her sessions. 

Julie also runs our Pre-Ski program for winter enthusiasts and our Wet & Dry program in the summer and is available for personal training. Julie has two children keeping her busy. Skiing, surfing and golf make-up a big part of Julie’s life and she loves staying fit so that she can get the most from them. Julie makes going to the gym, eating well and staying fit part her everyday and it’s inspiring to see how she does it. She is also available for personal training.

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Mums Say

Thousands of fun fitness stories

Mums Say

Thousands of fun fitness stories


At Mums Squad we have trained over 4000 Women since February 10, 2005. Take a look at what they’ve said about Mums Squad Fitness Training.

"I would like to let you know how impressed I have been with the results I have achieved to date and the lovely community feel of Mums Squad. It is a real credit to you. I am also particularly impressed with Julie - I have really enjoyed my sessions with her. Great Fitness training for women and mums. Thanks again." Pieta S.

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The service David runs at Mums Squad, by providing child care and a top rate fitness program specifically designed for mums, is second to none.  I started Mums Squad on referral from a friend, having stacked on the weight after my second baby.  To join a gym is one thing – yes they have crèches available – but to be able to train outdoors in the fresh air, with your children being cared for by qualified nannies, is a totally different thing.  The service is personal, friendly and the mums really get to know one another and support each other through their programs and life in general.  For many mums, it can be their only outlet away from the children for just a couple of hours a week.  A much more personal experience than the gym could ever be. I haven't felt this good in over 5 years! Thank you for giving me the kick start I needed. Gill A.

I just wanted to write and thank you for your help and training over the past few months. We are now getting settled in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and having fun exploring the city. I lost over 10 kg during my 18 weeks at mum's squad, and am now below my pre-pregnancy weight. I could not have done it without you and the regular training at Mums squad. I recommend your sessions to anyone I speak to that is trying to lose weight or get fit. I know I will be looking you up when we return to Sydney. Sam B.

From 92kg at the end of pregnancy down to around 71kg at the moment. I was about 80kg when I got pregnant – so it’s a pretty good effort. Thanks again for your support – I really enjoyed doing the program. Brooke S.

I have really loved being part of Mums Squad, I think its an excellent program, not only is the keep fit done brilliantly, its never boring, always fun and motivating with great fitness results but there is a wonderful social aspect too with the other mums. Its been a big part of my life in Sydney and one I've hugely enjoyed and will miss. I will have to try and find an equivalent in London! Elizabeth S.

“I found that I lost most of my pregnancy weight in the first 6 weeks of going to Mums Squad and now go to improve my fitness, tone up and also for the social interaction with the other Mums. I feel a lot stronger and healthier since going and really look forward to each session as I know I'm doing something positive for myself!” Cara C

I feel like each session pushes me. I get a lot of satisfaction after completing an hour of hard exercise. - I really like the focus on core strength which really helped me gain strength back in that area after having a baby - All of the fitness instructors push us hard and they each have their own style which adds variety. Caroline L.

Mums Squad has been a fantastic opportunity to start exercising again and regain some fitness after pregnancy. You exercise at your own pace and it’s great to see improvements in just a few short weeks! I also really enjoy the variety of different exercises at each session. Daphne B

“It enables the children to be outside in the fresh air - much better than a creche at the gym” Fiona B

“The Elite Events Program is hard work and a lot of fun.  The satisfaction and sense of achieve I got walking away from each session was addictive and standing at the start line on C2S day I felt a little less nervous and a lot more prepared having completed the program.”   Juliana McE

Training in a fun group enables you to push harder than you would on your own. It makes you try things you wouldn't normally do. Emma C

“The nanny service is great and they always have activities for the kids. I always see the kids from a distance blowing bubbles, kicking balls, drawing and eating together.” Dee B

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