Developing your Fitness

You can train with Mums Squad as long as it suits you. Make-up any sessions you miss. The results are inspirational.

With childcare for babies and toddlers you can build your fitness as your family grows. Train through a second or third pregnancy and make your come back each time, better for the fitness you've achieved.

But what if you go back to work or develop new goals... or just want to change it up?

Building a Program to fit your life

Our Elite Events Programs building fitness breakthroughs and preparing you for challenges like the Mothers Day Classic, the City2Surf, Tough Mudder and the 3 Points Challenge.

But if one of our Elite Events Programs don't suit you there is always a way to stay fit with Mums Squad and it's parent program Fit4Dreams.

You can stay fit or reach for more by clicking on the links below:

You can mix and match your program to suit your life but we always recommend you check with your trainer before you make a move from Mums Squad to attend Fit4Dreams, Whole Family Fitness or Elite Sessions to make sure you're ready.

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